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Bayswater South Primary School has grown and evolved over the last 50 years, with four decades in German and English.

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Bayswater South Primary School opened in 1969 and is situated in the suburb of Bayswater, in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne’s outer east.

The school’s facilities consist of our Sebald Centre with three senior and one middle year classrooms, a media area and a fully functioning kitchen. The remaining middle year classes are situated separately with break out rooms in our four room portable block.

Our Foundation and Administration building houses five classrooms in an inviting open space. Our junior level block contains six classrooms and the following specialist resource/classrooms: art/craft, library, canteen and D.K. Mullins Hall.

The spacious grounds on the sloping terraced location feature a large grassed playing field, junior and senior playgrounds, basketball courts, Amphitheatre, inclusive wooden playground and shaded and passive recreation areas.

Bayswater South Primary School is one of the few truly bilingual primary schools in Victoria, with a proud history of 40 years of delivering a comprehensive curriculum through English and German. In 2017, the school implemented a 50:50 immersion model. We take pride in our English/German bilingual program where our two languages English and German play an equal role during the course of the school day. Each class has a German-speaking and an English-speaking class teacher. These two teachers carefully plan and deliver rich bilingual learning experiences in teaching teams and partnerships. The development of language skills in German and English are of paramount importance. This is why BSPS has developed its own approach to teaching bilingual reading and writing curriculum.

Our move towards becoming an authourised International Baccalaureate World School began with our candidacy in 2017 and the school received its authourisation in December 2020. This has encouraged teachers to plan Units of Inquiry that challenge and extend the boundaries of traditional subject areas so that students can explore transdisciplinary themes through a range of lenses. 

We provide a comprehensive, conceptual, inquiry based curriculum in a safe, respectful and positive learning environment. A differentiated and personalized approach is implemented, encouraging student voice, leadership and action in order to meet each student’s academic, social and emotional need.

BSPS has 2 principal class personnel, 26 teachers and 5 support staff. Visiting support staff members include a school Chaplain, psychologist, speech therapist, and Kids’ Hope mentors.

Our school has an active parent group and has traditional links with Siemens, The Tabulam and Templer Homes for the Aged, The Deutsche Schule Melbourne and other community groups. We have an active bilingual playgroup, an engaged Student Representative Council and we offer parent German classes. We value community action and partnerships in building a welcoming and engaging learning community.

Our exemplary Bilingual School embraces diversity and empowers global citizenship through a vibrant learning community.

Empower each child to:
• Learn through languages
• Build upon natural curiosity
• Develop resilience
• Embrace diversity
• Aspire to lead
• Strive for excellence

Learning and Leading through Languages

Please click on Our Difference to read more about our bilingual, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Positive Education programmes. 

Our History

Bayswater’s proud
Germanic history

It is easy to see why Bayswater South Primary School teaches German when you consider the suburb of Bayswater’s long and proud history of German heritage through the German immigrants who settled in the area.

In the area’s early history, the township was called Macauley, but it was also nicknamed Germantown, due to the large number of German immigrants settling in the area. When the railway arrived in 1889, the township became Bayswater.

 In the 1920s, the land around the township of Bayswater mainly comprised of farmland belonging to five families, originally from Germany. It is an interesting fact to consider that most of our suburb today has been built on land that was originally German farmland.

In the late 1940s, more German families settled in the area, as they were able to find work in the area and knew one another. Many families connected through the Templer Society settled in a small area of Bayswater. It was thought that up to half of the Bayswater community, at this time, was either from a German or Dutch speaking background. Several of the German families came from an agricultural background and therefore kept wonderful vegetable, flower and fruit tree gardens and theses gardens were often the envy of the wider community.

Today, Bayswater is a multicultural community with a population from many places, cultures, and heritages. And while it might be harder to see the German heritage in the suburb, The Templer Society continues to provide a wide range of support to the local community through its Community Centre and TTHA (Tabulam and Templer Home for the Aged), including a retirement village, nursing home and age care, while Siemens, a large German multi-national company, also has its Australian national headquarters in Bayswater.

Bayswater South Primary School is proud of our forty year history of teaching using the German language and its contribution towards continuing the proud German heritage of the suburb of Bayswater.

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