Student Leadership

We believe in Student Voice, Student Agency and Student Leadership. 

Every day, in every way, we remind our students that...

their voice matters.

At Bayswater South Primary School, our student leaders are the face of our school assisting in school tours, kindergarten visits, assemblies, cultural events and at all times, modelling our school values.

Student Representatives from Year 1 to Year 6 form our SRC and in Year 5, those who wish to be Senior Leaders nominate themselves, present speeches to the school community and both students and teachers vote. 

We truly believe that student engagement, connection and belonging come from being actively involved in all aspects of school life, including learning, and by being given an opportunity to participate in the decisions which affect them… and we could not be prouder.

Xavier S

School Captain

What do you remember about Prep?

My favourite thing was to play with the trains! It was nice coming here too and making lots of new friends.

Ashish S

School Captain

How do you show RESPECT in your everyday life at school?

I listen to the teachers and I listen to my classmates. I follow the rules and I expect people to treat me the same way that I treat them.

Katrina D

School Captain

Is it hard studying in both German and English?

Yes, sometimes it is but as you learn more, it all gets much easier. Most of the subjects we do in German are hands-on, so we learn words while we move or paint or count. It’s weird when you know something in German first and then learn it in English!

Gabby C

School Captain

What is your favourite day of the school year?

I like Pancake Day most of all. I enjoy cooking and at school with my friends is even better. I also like how we study the process of making them, each time discovering something new. I love science, so my favourite part is when we can add food colouring. Oh, and eating them is pretty good too!

Oscar M

House Captain – Martin (Gold)

What is the best thing about BSPS?

I think it’s the student leadership team. We are very supportive, and we have many different roles such as SRC, House Captain and School Captain. My hope is that we can encourage every kid in the school – with or without a badge – to act like a leader too.

Charlie C

House Captain – Flemming (Blue)

What makes a good leader?

A good leader works well with their peers. A good leader helps with lots of different things. A good leader doesn’t take advantage of their power, and a good leader is responsible and kind.

Patrick R

House Captain – Lewis (Green)

What makes BSPS unique?

The German program and the way we get taught. We have a canteen and do school plays too!

Macy K

House Captain – Lewis (Green)

Why is teamwork important?

Good TEAMWORK can create better friendships. Often things don’t work if you’re not working together, so it can really help!

Gabriella W

House Captain – Martin (Gold)

What is your favourite subject?

I love reading so it would be our reading session. There’s a great library and good classroom sets in both German and English – so this session time gives me a chance to read my favourites!

Zoe M

House Captain – Flemming (Blue)

Why is it important to have EMPATHY?

Having empathy makes people feel heard and understood. Did you know that one act of kindness can make someone’s day? And that person might become your friend.

Lachy R

House Captain – Decastella (Red)

What’s in your favourite lunchbox?

I like sandwiches, strawberries, cucumber and apple. Okay, lollies too!

Ava W

House Captain – Decastella (Red)

What advice would you give the younger students who might want to be leaders too?

Every day we get the chance to be leaders, by encouraging HONESTY, working hard and being kind to our friends. In the end, your speech doesn’t matter if you’ve acted like a leader for all of years before that.

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