Positive Education

Student wellbeing is a key pillar at Bayswater South Primary School. We value student voice, student engagement and connectedness from Foundation to Year 6.

Wellbeing Week

At Bayswater South Primary School, we begin each year with a ‘Wellbeing Week’ from Foundation to Year 6 to ensure a smooth and positive start to the year. Classes participate in ‘get to know you activities’, build classroom Essential Agreements, vote for their SRC (Year 1 to Year 6), review the school values and introduce the wellbeing theme for the semester.

Wellbeing Theme

Every semester, we have a wellbeing theme that includes the school values and PYP Leaner Profile attributes.

In 2019, our wellbeing theme was ‘Connectedness’.

In Semester 1, 2020 our theme was ‘Kindness’. We are open-minded to others, we are caring and are good communicators.

In Semester 2, 2020 our theme was ‘Gratitude and Mindfulness’. When we are grateful, we are reflective When we are practicing mindfulness, we are balanced and caring towards ourselves. 

In 2021 (Semester 1) our theme is ‘Growth Mindset in Learning and Friendships’. We are risk-takers and reflective in our learning and goal setting. We are principledcaring and good communicators in our friendships.

Please visit urstrong.com for more information.

The Wellbeing Block

Friday is one of our favourite days of the week at BSPS! In 2020, we implemented a specific ‘wellbeing block’ into the school timetable from Foundation to Year 6.


Whole School Assembly

Led by our school leaders


Circle Time

A chance for our SRC students to share with the class and for whole class discussions and connection time.


Wellbeing Hour

This hour is used to teach wellbeing skills and strategies across the school led by the classroom teachers. The focus is on the whole school wellbeing theme or a particular area of need in the class.

Connect Groups

At Bayswater South our Connect Groups (previously known as Electives) program provides students with rich opportunities and learning experiences in a multi-aged environment. Our sessions give students the opportunity to develop relationships with others in non-academic areas. Connect group sessions that may be offered include movie making, bracelet making, card making, coding, gardening, cooking, drama, yoga etc.

Connect Groups will be in Term 4 in 2021.

Student Leadership Structure

Student action, voice and leadership is highly valued at BSPS. The student wellbeing coordinator meets with the school captains, house captains and SRC on weekly basis to discuss and explore ways that enhance student wellbeing, student engagement and improvements to the school environment.

At BSPS, we have four school captains, eight house captains (two captains for each house), and an SRC (student representative council) member from every class from Year 1-Year 6. Students have a voice in voting for their school captains, house captains and SRC.


At Bayswater South Primary School, all of our Foundation/Prep and Year 1 students have a Year  5 and Year 6 buddy with whom they develop a strong relationship with during allocated class sessions and during outside play.
The giving of the Schultute is one of the initial activities that the Year 5 buddy gives their Foundation buddy on their first day of school. This “school cone” has a German history of over 200 years and has been a tradition at BSPS for many years. It is filled with treats and special gifts and provides a memorable connection to both buddies and the school.

Student Wellbeing Support

At Bayswater South we are very fortunate to have Bronwyn as our School Chaplain. Bronwyn works two days a week at our school, helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown, relationship challenges and loneliness, to stress and anxiety. Bronwyn has a passion to improve the lives of our students that require a significant adult to talk to. She is also available to talk with parents and staff. Please contact the school office for more information.
Visit schoolchaplaincy.org.au
Kids Hope
Kids' Hope is a program that helps Australian children develop self-esteem and confidence. Over the past eight years, Bayswater South has been fortunate enough to have some wonderful trained Kids' Hope volunteers from St Stephen’s Anglican Church work alongside some of our students. Mentors are carefully matched with children who teachers think will benefit from some extra one-to-one support at school. Mentors come to school each week and spend one hour with the child.
Visit kidshopeaus.org.au
Life Education
Life Education is the largest, independent, Australian, health- and drug education provider for primary school children. Bayswater South Primary School is pleased to continue its long association with this important health educational tool and experience. Life Ed provides students with the opportunity to develop strategies, and practice the skills required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Visit lifeeducation.org.au
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Special events

At BSPS, student leaders help plan special events at the school including

  • Anzac Day and Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Clean Up BSPS Day
  • RUOK? Day
  • Buddies Easter Bonnet Parade etc.
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