A day in the life...

Special thanks to Reem, one of our fabulous Foundation students, for letting us take a peek inside her Prep day, along with her friends Charlie and Hugo. 

"Aller Anfang ist schwer."

"All beginnings are hard."

German proverb

At Bayswater South Primary School, we are experts in transitioning children from kindergarten or childcare into their Foundation school year. 

While starting school can be tough (mostly for us as parents!), our students are supported in finding their place and their voice through an exceptional and well-practiced program, connection from and supervision by specialist Foundation teachers, as well as constant revision and innovation of what is delivered based on feedback and results. 


The music plays and it is time for Reem to hang up her bag. The bell rings shortly after at 9:00am.  First, it’s roll time with Reem’s Class Teacher Frau Schmaal. There’s a lot to talk about, like what day it is, the timetable for the day and the what the weather’s like!



Reem sits next to Charlie for literacy. They met during transition and have become great friends! Hmmm, this book looks familiar, but the words look very different! Reem loves that her classroom is full of different and interesting books – some words she’s seen before but others are new! Some are in English and some in German.


Reem is looking forward to lunch but there’s one stop first! It’s time for Music with Herr Methven. Music is in the German language and is full of songs and rhymes to help learn new and interesting German words. Let’s bang, bang, bang those drums outside because it’s such a lovely day! Music is just one of the specialist classes Reem enjoys.


Time for some lunch. Eating time goes for 15 minutes so that everyone can fill their tummies before play time. 11:15am – Time to play! With a special playground just for Prep’s, Reem and her friends are going to climb all the way to the top of the climbing frame. They’ve got just enough time for a game of hide and seek!


Now it’s time for an inquiry through the English language into How the World Works! Today Reem is using a magnifying glass to explore things her class found in the garden to see which ones move. Oh! Let’s explore movement with our rainbow marble run! In inquiry, there is always something new to see and Reem gets to ask lots of questions, as well as find out what her friends are wondering!


Reem loves to draw, so a highlight of her week is art class – Art is in the German language and has a special German name – Kunst. Today, they’re drawing with pastels! Hugo draws a rocket; Charlie draws a rainbow; can you guess what Reem drew? Here’s a hint! It’s cute and says MEOW!


After enjoying snack time, Reem and her friends have a rest on the rocks. After Hugo convinces them that there are fossils in the sandpit – they go to look!


After snack, it’s ready, steady, go! Reem’s last class is PE. After a quick run on the racing track, it’s time to practice some catching. Mr Campbell throws two at Hugo and Reem manages to catch hers! The kids are feeling super proud!


And just like that, it’s time to go home. Mum is waiting outside and Reem can’t wait to tell her all about her day and about the dinosaurs she found in the sandpit!

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