As a Bilingual School, approximately 50% of each student's week is spent learning through the German language. Around three hours of this time is spent focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing German.

German Language classes at Bayswater South seek to immerse the children in the language from day one. The German-speaking teachers only use German with the children (this includes camps and excursions), and seek to develop lessons that are relevant and meaningful to the learners.

Units of work are implemented in the German language, thus providing stimulating tasks and topics, while at the same time assisting the children with their language development. Some time each week is also devoted to specific features of the language itself (spelling and grammar), to further develop the children's literacy skills at an age-appropriate level.

To deliver an effective CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), content-based, immersion program, the teachers require the whole school's acceptance of the program. At Bayswater South Primary School, the program has gained the support of the whole school community, which has allowed it to flourish and expand, to be innovative and exemplary. It serves as a model to new and existing programs state- and nation wide, and the staff continue to strive for excellence in second language teaching.


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