Wellbeing Overview


Life Education

Life Education is the largest, independent, Australian, health- and drug education provider for primary school children. Bayswater South Primary School is pleased to continue its long association with this important health educational tool and experience.
Life Ed provides students with the opportunity to develop strategies, and practice the skills required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Behaviour Management


At Bayswater South Primary School, all of our prep students have a grade 5 buddy with whom they develop a strong relationship with during allocated class sessions and during outside play.
The giving of the Schultute is one of the initial activities that the grade 5 buddy gives their prep buddy on their first day of school. This "school cone" has a German history of over 200 years and has been a tradition at BSPS for many years. It is filled with treats and special gifts and provides a memorable connection to both buddies and the school.
BSPS is also pleased that the Alannah and Madeline foundation’s Better Buddies program has also been introduced to our school, further enhancing our existing buddy program, and continuing to enable younger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected.

Peer Mediation

Our grade 5- and 6 students at Bayswater South have all been trained as Peer Mediators helping to make our school environment positive, caring, safe and friendly. The program teaches students to resolve low-level conflicts using their peers as mediators. Mediation opens up communication channels allowing the disagreeing students to discuss their low-level yard problems and come to a resolution.
Our Peer Mediators are outside during our recess and lunchtimes assisting students who need assistance to come to an agreement if there is a need.

Student Support Services


Psychologist / Speech Pathologist

At Bayswater South we believe that the social and emotional development of each child is a cornerstone to their academic success.

Our Student Support Services, consisting of an Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Kid’s Hope Mentors and our Chaplain help complement our already comprehensive wellbeing and academic programs. We also have access to the services of a large range of other health- and educational professionals.

Student Support Services provide assistance to our students who may be facing a range of barriers to learning in order to achieve their educational and developmental potential through the provision of a range of strategies and specialised support at individual, group and school levels.



At Bayswater South we are very fortunate to have Bronwyn Upton as our School Chaplain. Bronwyn works two days a week at our school, helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown, relationship challenges and loneliness, to stress and anxiety. Bronwyn has a passion to improve the lives of our students that require a significant adult to talk to. She is also available to talk with parents and staff.


Kids' Hope

Kids' Hope is a program that helps Australian children develop self-esteem and confidence.
Over the past eight years, Bayswater South has been fortunate enough to have some wonderful trained Kids' Hope volunteers from St Stephen’s Anglican Church work alongside some of our students. Mentors are carefully matched with children who teachers think will benefit from some extra one-to-one support at school.
Mentors come to school each week and spend one hour with the child. The mentor is there to be a friend and help the child develop self-esteem and confidence which has significant positive impacts on the student’s learning and school engagement.


At Bayswater South our Electives program provides students with rich opportunities and learning experiences in a multi-aged environment. Our Electives sessions give students the opportunity to develop relationships with others in non-academic areas. Staff and parents offer Elective sessions that they are personally passionate about and wish to share with students. Electives sessions that may be offered include movie making, bracelet making, card making, board and card games, skipping, gardening, play dough, drama, and yoga.


Our Student Representative Council (SRC) members are elected from each Year 1 - 6 class. The students meet weekly with our Principal to discuss and explore ways that enhance student wellbeing and engagement with the curriculum through improvements to the school environment.
The SRC are one of our ‘action’ components of our The Leader in Me program. The Student Representative Council offers another perspective to the classroom, and enables students, to be involved in important discussions about learning and teaching. By providing the space to create positive change in school communities, students and teachers are engaged conversations and can work together towards solutions.


Bilingual Playgroup

Our German and English speaking Playgroup meets weekly for an hour and a half.
All children aged 0 – 4 years old are welcome to attend with their parent or carer. Fun and engaging activities that are undertaken include cooking, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, craft, play-dough and story time.
Our stories and songs are in German, giving children a positive start to the many benefits of experiencing a bilingual learning environment. Our Playgroup is an accredited member of Playgroup Victoria.


Lego Lunch

Students have the opportunity over the course of the year to attend our Lego Lunch. Each lunch time our Principal spends eating time with a small group of students where they share conversation in a relaxed environment over food and lego. This is a special time for students to engage in relationship building with our Principal and their peers.


The Leader in Me

At Bayswater South Primary School we are delighted to be implementing The Leader in Me program. Students are taught leadership skills to assist with their social and emotional development and interactions with others. Our aim is to facilitate a culture of student voice, based on the idea that every child can be a leader of their own life.