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Parents are key partners in their child’s learning. We encourage you to make use of this index to find the information that’s important to you.

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Parents' Club

By interacting with the school and other parents, parents’ can use their skills and experience to work collaboratively with others in supporting the school and its students, and build a sense of community within the school. 

Out of Hours School Care

TeamKids is the premium provider that exists to enrich children’s lives before school, after school and throughout the school holidays.

Adult German classes

learning a new language as an adult actually reroutes brain networks, igniting shifts that can have long-term implications on memory and cognitive function.

Bilingual playgroup

While it is true children can play anywhere, playgroup has an added benefit of providing opportunities for playing with other children and practising important social skills.

Café Klatsch

Café Klatsch provides a place for people to meet, socialise and learn by conversing and immersing themselves in the German language and culture whilst enjoying a beverage and a snack.


Our policies help us establish rules and procedures in order to function effectively and ensure everyone is connected. 

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