The Arts


"I can only think of music as something in every human being – a birthright. Music co-ordinates mind, body and spirit. That doesn’t mean each person must have a violin or piano: the greatest service to society would be if every school day began with singing. If people sing or play together, they have a feeling of individual coordination as well as coordination within the body of the group." - Yehudi Menuin.


The Bayswater South Primary School Music Program is designed to give students a love and understanding of music. Songs and musical games form the core of the curriculum with singing as an emphasis.
The curriculum encompasses experimentation with tuned and non-tuned instruments, music theory, dance and movement and drama workshops. Opportunities to perform are encouraged within the school and local communities. All students receive one hour of music per week, delivered either through English or German (depending on the year level).

Children commence recorder tuition within class time from year 3 and other instruments may be learned during school time or after school hours including keyboard and other instruments (for a fee).

The Bayswater South Primary School Choir, formed in 1998, has a high reputation for energetic, multi-lingual performances, and demand is always high for places. All applicants (Grades 3 – 6) need to audition each year. Songs are drawn from different languages, including English and German.

A school production every two years provides the students with a high quality theatre experience and complements the smaller performances and concerts that are held each year.


Visual Arts

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