Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


Bayswater South Primary School has a strong commitment to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as we recognise the impact it has on education, industry and the future job prospects of our school community.


Our school is well resourced for delivering quality teaching and learning programs in the 21st century. Our school is serviced by:


  • high speed internet connection
  • wireless computer systems
  • a fully equipped modern computer lab
  • a high ratio of computers to students
  • state of the art Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms
  • laptops for our Year 3 - 6 students
  • classroom access to ipads
  • computer linked microscopes
  • skilled staff in the area of ICT
  • excellent technical support services
  • a commitment to ensure that staff and students are kept up-to-date with current initiatives and technology.


The school's Local Area Network links computers across the whole school. Students and teachers use the Internet as an information resource and the email facility as a communication tool. All students have access to computers on a regular basis. Each student is able to use school computers and to save their work into their own student folders.


As a school, we have a high focus on improving the skills of staff. Our teacher Professional Development program ensures that teachers have access to a wide range of opportunities to enhance their skills in ICT. Our staff members are highly computer literate and much of our ICT Professional Development is done at a school level due to the fact that we have many very highly experienced teachers in the area of ICT.


Computers and their peripherals, including digital cameras, video recorders, scanners, CD/DVD players and writers, printers, ipads, laptops, webcams and memory sticks are used as tools to allow the students to extend their classroom learning. Teachers embrace technology as part of their daily school lives. As well as working alongside the students in the classroom they constantly use technology for administrative purposes, curriculum planning and assessment and reporting processes.