Local School Overview



How is Baywater South Primary School a local school?


Bayswater South Primary School is like any other local school. We are a Victorian public school that provides a broad primary school curriculum catering for all children from Foundation or Prep to Year 6, focusing on their personal learning needs. The school is situated in the suburb of Bayswater to the north of Boronia Road and to the west of Scoresby Road with access from Enfield Drive and Kings College Drive.


AusVELS (Australian-Victorian Essential Learning Standards) provides a single curriculum for levels Prep–10. AusVELS incorporates the Australian Curriculum as it is progressively developed within a framework that reflects particular Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning. AusVELS has been designed to ensure that schools, teachers, students and parents are not required to manage two different curriculum and reporting frameworks during the development of the Australian Curriculum. In 2016, BSPS transitioned to the new Victorian Curriculum as the state of Victoria became the "Education State".


What makes BSPS unique as a local school?


Our point of difference is that our curriculum is delivered in two languages, English and German. As a bilingual school we receive extra funding which allows us to offer greater support to our students across the school in all areas of their learning. Our high profile German Program provides a second language model that is recognized nationally and internationally.


The curriculum is delivered through differentiated and personalised learning and provides effective feedback on student academic growth. At BSPS we provide quality emotional and social student support and development.


How is the curriculum organised?


The subjects of English (including Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening), the Humanities, Health and Physical Education are delivered by an English speaking teacher and the subjects of German Language, Mathematics, Science and Art are delivered by a German speaking teacher. Two classes share an English speaking homeroom teacher and a German speaking homeroom teacher who deliver the English, Humanities, German, Maths and Science. Specialist teachers provide the Phys. Ed, Music and Art.