Why your child deserves a Bilingual Education


Every child should have access to a bilingual education. Numerous research studies of bilingual education indicate that it is a great advantage to learn through two languages and that a bilingual education enhances a child’s skills and understanding across a broad range of curriculum areas.

Learning a second language enhances a student’s first language, as the student’s brain is constantly comparing the similarities and differences between the two languages in relation to vocabulary, grammar, spelling rules and sentence structures. This creates a better understanding of both languages no matter how different the languages are from one another. The greater the understanding of the second language, the greater the benefits and enhancement towards the first language, therefore learning German at Bayswater South Primary School will be beneficial and enhance a student’s English language skills.


Language teachers and educational psychologists have long held the view that learning another language increases and enhances students’ deductive and problem-solving skills. Having frequent practice in working out meaning, making links and drawing conclusions in the language class enhances these skills in a broader sense in other areas of the curriculum and in life in general. Recent and current research involving scientific analysis of brain activity in bilinguals compared to monolinguals strongly supports the assertion of language enhancing cognition. Students exposed to a bilingual education do as well if not better in other subjects compared to students only taught in a single language.


Knowledge of more than one language has long-term cultural, social and economic benefits. Tolerance, respect and co-operation are all improved through bilingual education, while being bilingual enhances future job prospects.

Everyone at Bayswater South Primary School is proud to offer our English and German bilingual education, and its numerous benefits, to all children.


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The benefits of the Bilingual Brain - You Tube video