2023 Winter Markt

In the 2023, our parent community came together to conceive and execute our inaugural Winter Markt.

What a truly unforgettable night! Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the vendors, volunteers, organisers, supervisors and our wonderful guests.
 Picture this! The tantalising scent of popcorn and savory wurst wafting through the Food Hall, the mesmerising sight of snowflakes gently adorning our nearly-complete Indigenous garden, lantern crafting and cookie decorating, a bilingual Grade 3 classroom in action, the captivating moments of story time in the library, the incredible offerings in our market (gingerbread houses, plants, clothes, toys!) and German book shop – a rich tapestry of the things we love.
 From 7.30pm, the air was filled with the harmonious chorus of children’s laughter and the symphony of languages, as our lantern artisans led the procession through the streets enveloping the school. It was a night that celebrated unity, culture and joy, and we are thrilled with the success of our inaugural market.
 A special shoutout must be given to Renee and her team of market elves, who masterfully conjured a sense of enchantment throughout the event. Thank you for creating a truly magical experience!
 Our Parents’ Club are excited to share that all the funds raised during the event will be dedicated to our community-voted fundraising initiatives. These include new line markings (including a chess playing board), wall murals, an outdoor table tennis table, and the imminent launch of our recycling and compost program. Your support is driving positive change within our community and we are incredibly grateful for your contributions.
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